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This area is for members of the Wartrace Regulators to post items they have for sale. This page will be updated each month after our monthly match. Please e-mail me with your information exactly how you want it to be posted, complete with description, price, and contact information. When an item is sold or is no longer for sale, just e-mail me and I will delete it from this page.

Branchwater Jack

Rye Whiskey Kid (David Aldous) (615)300-3019 was a former member and has been out for several years and has decided to sell some of his guns.
#1. J.P. SAUR&SOHN .44 Magnum, Hawes Western Marshalls, 5-7/8” barrel $1450.00 for both.
Make offer.
#2. DAKOTA 44-40 WCF shows some holster wear $525.00. Make offer.
#3.COLT. .45LC, 5-1/2” barrel, 3rd generation,1976, cylinder never turned case hardened, original box and sleeve. $2650.00 Make offer.
#4. Ruger 45. colt, Special Edition Vaquero, Joe Bowman, Straight Shooter, #489 of 500. $1250.00
$5. Ruger Blackhawk 30cal carbine, $750.00 Make Offer.
He also has some other items that might be of interest

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