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This area is for members of the Wartrace Regulators to post items they have for sale. This page will be updated each month after our monthly match. Please e-mail me with your information exactly how you want it to be posted, complete with description, price, and contact information. When an item is sold or is no longer for sale, just e-mail me and I will delete it from this page.

Branchwater Jack

I have 8 full boxes of Winchester WinLite 12 gauge, 2 3/4, 26 gram, 8 shot shells in Franklin, if anyone can use them.  I'd like to get $5 per box for them.  615-715-0240.

Bob Johnson

A pair of Color Case Hardened Uberti CMS El Patron Competition .38/.357 pistols.  Very difficult to find these used.  They are Competition models with the low Montado hammers.  I installed Lee Gunslinger main springs (original Wolf springs may be included if wanted), ,  shortened the hand springs to lighten the tension on the hammer,and did some polishing.   The result is an extremely smooth action.  These are my backup pistols, and  I shot them for only 5 stages, but  they functioned flawlessly.  Ready for competition.  They have some very light holster wear at the end of the barrel and light  rings on the cylinders,  but are otherwise in excellent  condition.  $800 FTF

Contact Hopalong Mac
I have 2 sets of AMERICAN WESTERN ARMS for sale along with several 100 rounds of ammo for each and double basket weave holster setup for each.

#1 are 2 single action 45 long colt in perfect shape. These are the same gung that Colt sued American Western Arms over for possible patent issues.

#2 are 2 single action 38/357 revolvers.

Both sets of guns are in like new condition. The owner in in the nursing home on a vent and not expected to ever return home. They are for sale to help his wife with expenses. If interested please let me know. These guns were used at the Wartrace town many years ago. They come with hard cases and ammo.
Set 1-1500.00
Set 2-1200.00

Thank you for your interest.
Have a blessed day
Dale White -AEMT
Asst. Operation Supervisor,  LT
Lifeguard Ambulance Service
1933 Elm Tree Dr.
Nashville, TN 37210
Office: 615-724-1911
Cell: 615-207-3037
Fax: 615-724-1048

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