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Hopalong Mac McLin
SASS# 101483

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Sr. Double Duelist

My professional bio is on my website:

Interests: Church, family, hanging out with friends, reading, traveling, especially to tropical locations, cruising anywhere, weight training, shooting any kind of firearm, reloading, Alabama football, music in any genre, except rap and hip hop, the smell of gun powder and the pinging of steel, lever guns, and Glock Perfection.

Regarding CAS:My Pard, El Viejo Lobo, AKA Loco Lobo, Loco Hobo, and Old Dog, and I shot our first SASS match in April of 2015. We observed a match, immediately started searching for equipment, and 6 weeks after my hip surgery to repair my "hop along," we shot our first match. When I chose my alias, I was quite gimpy, and I had a permanent limp. I could not think of a really cool, clever alias, so I chose Hopalong Mac and later added the McLin...."Hey McLin. Good party. Where the Whiskey?... Hey McLin. No whiskey. We go home now." My pard and I love this sport, we are constantly trying to recruit new shooters, and we love everyone at Wartrace and feel at home here. Cowboys are just great folks... honest and helpful. In fact, every member at Wartrace has given us some tidbit of "guidance." These are just a few:

Head Coach and Mentor: Dodge City Dixie; Assistant Head Coach, Mentor, Technical Advisor, and Defective Equipment Advisor: Reno Mustang; Technical Advisor, Spare Parts Manager, Maintenance Superintendent: Randy Saint Eagle; Verbal Historian: Tombstone John (ask him about the time I was smokin Randy and Loco Hobo loaded a squib. It will be much more colorful after massive embellishment); Videographer, Photographic Historian, and All Round Nice Pard: Pilgrim Joe (Please destroy any video evidence of my "smokin Randy video"); Safety Supervisor and Squib Monitor: Branchwater Jack.

Special Thanks to Papa Dave, Randy St. Eagle, and Whiskey Hayes for patiently answering my often stupid, but always confused, questions. Rookies (Now Redshirt Freshman) don't have a clue about anything, so don't assume even the brightest know anything. ROs, Randy St. Eagle, Branchwater Jack, Frank Buckshot, Grey Horse, Blackjack Lee, Reno Mustang, and Cumberland Drifter, please feel free to coach ole Mac on every stage. .. micromanage would be best. Otherwise, he will commit all variety of violations.

I am in CAS for the fun, with no expectations of ever being a "belt buckle" shooter. I will continue to laugh at myself and refuse to take myself too seriously. Please feel free to have fun at my expense. Loco Lobo does it often.

Pair of Uberti, 3.5" CMS, color cased hardened, El Patrons, with Gunslinger main springs, in .38/.357
Pair of Uberti, 4.75", stainless steel, El Patron Competitions, with Gunslinger main springs, in .38/.357, action tuned by Loco Lobo aka El Viejo Lobo.
Marlin 1894, blue, CBL in .45LC.
Uberti 1897 .38/.357 Carbine, action tuned by Reno Mustang and field tested by Dodge City Dixie.
Marlin 1894, blue, CBL in .38/.357, action tuned by Boomstick Jay.
SKB100, 12G,tuned by Dirt Merchant.

Mil Spec RIA 1911 45 ACP for Wild Bunch if I ever get around to it. I still have not mastered Cowboy yet.
Norinko 1897 Pump trench gun for Wild Bunch

Leather by Murphy Custom Leather

My non-SASS firearms are getting mighty lonely of late.

I have not come in last yet, but have been very close often.

RO1, RO II, Certified Train Wreck. Shot 1 clean match purely by accident.

2017 Sr. Duelist Alabama State Champion. Hope no one recalculates the scores.

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