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Nantahala Ned
SASS# 97305

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Silver Senior Duelist

Married 28 years to my lovely bride, Karen. No kids. Recently moved from Franklin, Tn to Mt. Juliet. Spent the majority of my career in television news and sports and independent production. Turned to teaching late in the game and recently retired from MTSU where I still teach one course.

Grew up in Indiana and have lived in the great state of Tennessee since 1987.

By the way, "Nantahala" is pronounced "Nan-ta-hey-la." It means "River of the Noonday Sun" in Cherokee. I chose it for my handle for two reasons: back in the day, I learned to whitewater paddle on that river, which borders east Tennessee and western North Carolina and my family originally came from near that area but was split by the Civil War.

Pistols: Switch back and forth between 2 Navy Arms .45 cal Schofields & 2 Uberti .45 cal SAA Calvary models

Rifles: Switch back and forth between 2 Uberti 357/.38 1873 Carbines

Shotguns: 20 gauge Stoeger single trigger hammerless coach gun and 20 gauge Stoeger double trigger dual hammer coach gun

I'm still standing on two feet and breathing.

Definitely not a speed guy, just trying to shoot clean and have some fun with my pards. I'm a ham and egger at best.

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